Portland’s Gay Friendly Pearl District’s Twenty Years of Growth

The Pearl, Portland

One of our favorite places in the world, The Pearl District in Portland, Oregon, has been growing for twenty years.

Oregon Live has a cool interactive graphic showing its growth.

In 1994, the Portland City Council adopted affordable housing targets for about 250 acres north of downtown dubbed the “River District.” City leaders said they wanted 35 percent of new units to be affordable to individuals or families earning no more than 80 percent of the region’s median. Twenty years later, some 9,200 units have been built, proposed or are under construction. But when the dust settles from the latest construction boom, only 26 percent of new units will meet affordable housing goals. The River District’s affordable housing deficit will stand at about 800 units.

Check it out – if you’ve ever been there, it’s really cool to play with it and see how things have developed.

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