shipping container house

Portland Developer Sells Affordable Shipping Container Homes

shipping container house

Earlier this year, the St. Helens City Council approved a renewable 50-year lease with Portland-based developer and entrepreneur Carl Coffman so he could build an eight-unit apartment complex on 7th Street in St. Helens.

The shipping container homes are made from recycled metal shipping containers with renovated interiors to be used as living spaces. Coffman pitched the concept in early 2017 as a way to bring more affordable housing to St. Helens, while also pursuing an innovative home development design focused on reusing materials.

The proposed complex at 7th Street has been dubbed the “7th Street Container Lofts” complex and is just west of 6th Street Park.

Over the past year and a half, Coffman and staff from his company, Relevant Buildings, have been working to develop prototypes of five different home styles to be certified by the state.

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Authored By Bicole Thil-Pacheco
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