Philadelphia’s Gayborhood

Oh Philadelphia, you strange, wonderful city. You toy with our hearts. For every reason we adore you, there are four more things we despise. We love you even when we don’t love you and always try to see the good in you.

Kaitlyn and Lynne grew up with you and learned how to handle your whims early on. They see you differently than the rest of us do; you’re part of them. When we’ve talked about you, it’s hard not to see you as that two-faced family member; familiar but distant, loved but not always loving, able to light up a room but man, when the lows hit, they’re low.

I grew up in Northeast Philly. It’s a predominately white, working class/middle class area. Northeast Philly actually attempted to secede in the 80s, due to racial and income differences. I grew up in Mayfair and went to Catholic grade school and my family participated in the white flight to the suburbs, where my parents still live. I love Philly. It’s hard to explain. I know it’s shitty in parts and messed up a lot, but I truly think that overall it still tries to be good. (Kaitlyn)

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