Philadelphia Gayborhood

Philadelphia Gayborhood: A Place to Flourish

Philadelphia Gayborhood

In a room the size of a “broom closet” on the third floor of the Student Center, Ian Morrison said he found his “gay tribe.” The small room was the meeting place for Temple’s Lambda Lions, a former student organization for gay students.

Morrison, a 1997 journalism alumnus who was president of the club, said he was lucky to have an on-campus space to express himself and support other LGBTQ students.

More than 30 years later, he finds the same respite at Tabu, a gay sports bar and lounge on 12th Street near Walnut.

“If you give somebody a space to allow them to be themselves and flourish, [that] is when you bring the best part of that person out,” said Morrison, who is Tabu’s events manager. “I feel like that’s what Tabu does.”

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Authored By Grace Shalllow
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