Ontario Real Estate Agent Fired After Distributing Homophobic Fliers

TorontoWe reported the other day about a real estate agent in the Toronto area who was distributing anti-gay fliers. Pink News has an update:

Local resident Jon McDonald said he was furious when he discovered the flyer in his newspaper. It had been dispatched to hundreds of homes in the Port Credit and Lorne Park neighbourhoods. He said: “My blood pressure went up 100%. I read it and thought, ‘What does this have to do with selling houses?'”

Christine Martysiewicz, RE/MAX’s director for internal and public relations in the area, said on Friday that Mr Ciastek had been fired for “poor judgment on his personal marketing. We assure the general public that his actions in no way reflect RE/MAX or our associates. We’re offended by the insensitivity shown here just as much as the community is. We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and our clients,” she added.

McDonald denies being homophobic. “I didn’t want to offend anybody… I didn’t have bad intentions.”

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