Old San Diego Buildings Become New Residences

City Front Terrace Condos - San Diego

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World over, buildings of bygone eras are refurbished and adapted to modern residential environments. What makes the subject so fascinating is the random way that each old structure must twist in order to provide adequate living space according to consumer demands.

Apartment and loft living might be called the quintessential urban experience when they are packed into older buildings. We’ve got several beautiful examples in downtown San Diego, one being the 90-year-old “Old Soap” factory that was incorporated into a 13-story section of Cityfront Terrace Condos.

Directly across West Market Street you’ll find the “Old Cracker Factory,” remodeled only once in its history. Built in 1913, it was originally home to the Bishop and Company Candy and Cracker Factory and now offers street-level retail space, live/work lofts, creative office spaces, as well as penthouse homes with outdoor decks. Before the renovation, I regularly roamed the halls of the antique emporium that occupied the century-old structure, looking for treasures.

Authored By Christine Brun – See the Full Story at UT San Diego

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