NY: Long Island Warehouse Property Reverting to Residential

NOW that Clare Rose, the beer distributor, has moved to a new facility on a 34-acre site in Yaphank, its 12.5 acres studded with warehouses here are about to be transformed back to their original residential state.

“After 74 years and 5 major expansions, it got to a point where we couldn’t expand anymore,” said Sean Rose, the chief executive and a grandson of the founder, Clare Rose, who died in September at age 98. “The buildings were at the end of their useful life.”

Out of a truck he parked next to his mother’s house, Clare Rose started the beverage distribution business in 1936. Back then, Sean Rose said, the area was all residential. But as the operation grew, a warehouse was built and the family bought “more and more land,” knocked down the houses, and “wound up assembling 27 different parcels,” which finally became home to 130,000 square feet of warehouse space. The company relocated to Yaphank last October.

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