It’s Now Cheaper to Buy a Castle Than a San Francisco Condo

Castle - Via Moulin

Hey, did you know housing cost in San Francisco is really high? Of course you did — you live here.

But, did you know that the mortgage is so damn high that it is possible to find a castle in Europe that is less expensive than some condos in San Francisco? Did you know that someone found FIVE castles that are cheaper than flats in the city?

And these castles aren’t exactly fixer-uppers either — these are liveable, go-ahead-and-fill-the-moat, literally-fit-for-a-king residences that you can actually move into.

So, if you’re thinking (and capable) of throwing down a few mil on a new house in the city, think about buying this sweet 45-bedroom castle in the Belgian Ardennes instead. You can actually do that.

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Authored By Alyssa Pereira – See the Full Story at CBS Local

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