NJ: Asbury Park, Revisited

Gay Asbury Park Real Estate

Gay Asbury Park Real EstateCities change and grow with the times. Populations ebb and flow. Restaurants open, local bars close. You leave a city for a while, and return to a slightly different vibe or a once-familiar block you hardly recognize.

Sure, you’ve seen cities change. But have you ever been part of a total revamp?

Asbury Park is about to make a hotter comeback than Brittany Spears.

Once a social hub in the late 60’s, the thriving beach community was bustling with boardwalks, arcades, convertibles, caddies and polka-dot bikinis.

Gay Asbury Park Real EstateBut a political setback in the 70’s put the party to rest. Asbury became a has-Bury, and families drove right through it in search of kitschy destinations like Six Flags Great Adventure.

Now, with help of a fabulous gay community, Asbury Park is back and ready to party again. From the town council to the spicy club scene, there is a gay presence here that has reignited the old community vibes.

When you arrive in Asbury these days, you can hardly resist its positive energy. Its funky shops, thriving beach bars and club scene, and the ultimate beaches for social sunbathers. Its a close-knit community where everybody knows your name…. or wants to get to know it ASAP.

Gay Asbury Park Real EstateAsbury Park has become a haven for all who desire R and R without giving up that taste of urban flair. Sleepy beach town by day, hot bar scene by night — this Jersey gem has everything a summer destination should.

Try doing one lazy morning on the beach, one afternoon lunch date at Langasta Lounge, followed by one rowdy night at the Empress Hotel and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

As phenomenal as the town is, Asbury’s greatest attraction is still its high-quality crowd. People here are A-list in the best sense of the word: friendly, laid-back, ready for fun, and we have to admit, easy on the eyes.

Sandwiched between two of New Jersey’s wealthiest beach towns, Deal and Ocean Grove, Asbury Park town has no other choice but to flourish.

Even now, the place is a hideaway heaven. Hard to believe that it can only get better from here!

Gay Asbury Park Real Estate

For music-lovers, Asbury is in a class of its own. Rock and Roll history was made here, a place where many musicians got their start, and grew into the rockers they are today. Every so often, those stars come back to enlighten fans with their tunes.

Bruce Springsteen is a frequenter to music venue Stone Pony — where Snoop has also shown his face. Madonna wrote many albums right here at Empress Hotel, and many others grace Convention Hall, owned by Live Nation. It’s a rocker’s delight by the sea.

A close commute to New York City, this beach town is also perfect for year-round living. Every season is lively, with the year-round music scene, planned community events like Gay Pride Weekend, and ‘Road Trip’ — a weekend of rowdy festivities for all.

We could continue to list all of Asbury Park’s unique, amazing qualities, but your finger would hurt from scrolling though so many pages. You’ll have to come and see it for yourself. Now is your chance to be part of something unique, life-changing, and truly special: the total revival of Asbury Park.

Owning a new home is exciting no matter where you buy it, but in Asbury Park it’s a dream. Two men behind the growth and revival of this neighborhood are Ivan and Andy– developers with a passion for this shore town, who’ve grown up riding the waves, and now make it part of they’re life’s work to share it with others. Ivan and Andy of GGL Group are in the midst of selling condos at two beautiful properties. The ‘Sunset’ condos are located one block from the beach. Only 5 units left of this true beach home. A fully refinished building overlooking sunset lake. Full washer and dryer, top of the line GE appliances, and beach parking. The second property has been totally refurbished and renovated from the shell of a pre-1900 factory. It is designed to have a chic urban feel with exposed beams, brick, oak floors, stainless steel appliances and vaulted celling. These sun-drenched spaces are modern, yet classic and make you feel right at home.

Both sets of condos are listed at affordable prices at million dollar locations. Apartments starting at $219,900 for 1000 SF to 2 bedroom/2.5 bath duplexes from $369,900. We would love to show you around the town and to your new home. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please call Ivan at 973-879-7792 or Kayte at 973-202-0847. www.theloftsatasburypark.com