Nicaragua Real Estate – Ex-Pat Paradise?

Back home, wherever that may be, some newspaper or magazine is about to feature a story about moving to Nicaragua. I know this for a fact because for the last six years and counting friends and family have been sending them on to me thinking I would be interested.

Not coincidentally, the stories tend to appear in the coldest months of the year when the weather is inclement in much of the northern latitudes and the days seem too brief. Lots of people find themselves musing about what paradise might look like, and the sort of articles I refer to only fan the flames and arouse more than just simple curiosity.

For reasons that hardly need an explanation, I lump these articles together into a subgenre I refer to as “Real Estate Porn.” Invariably the articles feature large, luxurious houses in spectacular settings, beach vistas and so forth. They rarely get around to mentioning what language the local people speak, or what it might be like to actually live in a foreign country. The true beating heart of all of these past and future articles has to do with buying power.

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Authored By Robert Skydell – See the Full Story at the Nicaragua Dispatch

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