New York City Announces Urban Renewal Project

Seward Park Urban Renewal Area

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The city on Wednesday announced plans for a residential, commercial and cultural complex on a large swath of undeveloped land on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Long known as the Seward Park Renewal Area project, the new Essex Crossing complex will be built on nine city-owned lots over a span of many years. It will include parks, a school, a community center providing early childhood and senior services, a rooftop urban farm, an Andy Warhol Museum, and 250,000-square-feet of office and retail space.

It also will have 1,000 rental units and condos, half offered at below market value. The Essex Street Market, an indoor market of about two dozen vendors selling produce, food and other items, will be expanded and projected to open in 2018. Other amenities include a bowling alley and movie theater.

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