NerdWallet Names the 10 Most Gay-Friendly Cities in the US

San FranciscoAnd the top three are Palm Springs, San Francisco and Seattle. NerdWallet reports:

Happy Pride Month! To celebrate, NerdWallet crunched the numbers to put together a list of the most gay-friendly cities based on municipal laws, community and peer support, and safety and tolerance. The cities listed fulfill the following three requirements:

Do the laws support gay residents? We used the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index to assess the municipal laws affecting LGBT residents. The index measures the equality of each city’s non-discrimination laws, relationship recognition, employment practices, city services, law enforcement and municipality leadership.

Is there a LGBT community and can you find peer support? We included the percentage of same-sex households in the region from the U.S. Census.

Is the community safe and tolerant toward gays? We included the number of hate crimes for sexual orientation per 100,000 residents in our overall score.

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