Moving to Paris

Moving to ParisWho hasn’t imagined enjoying a cafe au lait at a bustling sidewalk cafe, followed by a stroll along the Left Bank to a chic apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower — where you write a best-selling novel or paint a legendary portrait? The notion of moving to Paris is a romantic fantasy for many people, but the reality of moving to the City of Light requires more than packing a beret and an easel and booking a one-way flight to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. Moving to Paris is completely doable, if you plan ahead and know what to expect when you arrive. While it’s more involved than moving across town, moving to Paris can be the beginning of a new, exciting and romantic phase of your life.

Language and Legalities

It might not come as a surprise, but you should have a rudimentary grasp of the French language before heading to Paris. Speaking French fluently will open up more opportunities for jobs, assuming you don’t already have one lined up. Speaking and reading basic words and phrases will also help you understand your lease, utility contracts and have more pleasant interactions with your neighbours.

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