Money Saving Tips for LGBT Homeowners

Gay Homeowner Money Saving TipsSaving energy around the house makes sense, and it can also help save a significant amount of money now and in the future. Here are a handful of ideas that are especially helpful but are often overlooked by those LGBT homeowners trying to minimize their energy consumption:

Sustainable landscaping

A more sustainable landscape not only saves labor – which is another precious form of energy – but it can also do wonders to help reduce the carbon footprint of a home. Choosing the right types of trees with the help of a local nursery, for example, can provide shade in summer to lower air conditioning expenses. Likewise, opening up tree canopies that block sunlight – with advice from a qualified arborist – may provide additional solar heat to keep a home warmer in winter.

Rainwater-capturing cisterns that are tied into lawn and garden irrigation systems enable the LGBT homeowner to save many gallons of water, while designing an overall lower maintenance sustainable landscape reduces year-round upkeep. Lawn mowers, believe it or not, are one of the biggest polluters in the United States. Minimize lawn chores by redesigning the yard with the help of an experienced landscape architect and it cuts down on both weekend work and carbon emissions.

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