Where is the Minneapolis Gayborhood?

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Minneapolis has no gayborhood.

Wait. Why is that a good thing? Because in Minneapolis, every neighborhood is a gayborhood.

Historically, the Gateway District in downtown Minneapolis (near the Gay 90s) was considered the first “gay ghetto.” Loring Park was considered the city’s gayborhood for decades, and Twin Cities Pride is still held there.

In the mid-2000s, there was a rumor that Mayor RT Rybak was looking at Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis as a new “gayborhood” as four new LGBT bars sprung up in the area. Many LGBT people call Northeast home with its microbreweries, thriving arts scene, and distinct Eastern European influences.

LGBT families have been lured to North Minneapolis by affordable housing prices and a thriving community has developed there. In 2009, Lavender Magazine labelled North Minneapolis as the city’s best gayborhood.

Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood has long been a haven for bohemians, punks, and hippies — and, of course, a large LGBT population.

South Minneapolis has been a great place for LGBT couples and families to buy homes and raise kids.

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