Manhattan Real Estate Agent Includes Photo of Penis on Listing

Now we know why NYC real estate is so expensive – it comes with some great extras. Queerty reports:

It’s so difficult to find a great apartment in New York City these days—especially one with a great view, close proximity to the park, and plenty of room for your penis to stand erect. But thanks to one adventurous broker, the dream apartment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! A Manhattan real estate agent from Manhattan Property Group gave clients a rather gratuitous look inside the Upper West Side “loft-like” studio he listed on StreetEasy this week, offering views of the apartment’s renovated kitchen, decorative fireplace, marble floors, and—oh yeah—a giant picture of his penis to put it all in perspective.

New York Apartment Listing With Penis

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New York Apartments

What is SO scary about this is that the Agent claims that his account was hacked. I hesitate to not believe him, as there are a lot of people out there who would benefit by discrediting real estate companies by hacking accounts, and embarrassing their agents.

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