MA: Real Estate Along the Boston Marathon Route

The 26.2 mile Boston Marathon dashes past some of the priciest real estate on the planet. The race kicks off in middle class territory – Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham and Natick.

But as the runners cross the Natick line into Wellesley, the median home price immediately doubles. And as they hit their stride, the Marathon runners will find themselves gliding past some of the most expensive suburban and urban enclaves on earth before crossing the finish line at Copley Square, in the heart of downtown Boston’s luxury home and condo market.

In towns like Ashland, Hopkinton and Natick, prices are settling back into solidly middle class territory after having flirted with the lower rungs of the high end market during the boom years. But in Wellesley, Newton, Brookline and downtown Boston, prices are still stratospherically high and, if anything, taking a breather before the next sprint up.

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