Looking for an Apartment in Paris

Looking for an Apartment in ParisWhy is something as simple as finding a place to sleep at night so difficult in a modern Paris? Why are the apartment prices so high? Why are the districts so segregated? And why did the Socialist government allow capitalism to have gotten so out of hand?

I’ve spent most of my adult life in either Paris or New York. I’ve lived in probably a dozen apartments between the two, for longer and shorter periods. And I have noticed some major differences between apartment hunting New York and Paris.

For one thing, no Paris apartment is ever a sure thing. In New York, you are the consumer, the one with the power. Just as New York salespeople aim to assist and waiters work for a tip. In Paris, though, it’s the real estate agent who has all the cards (and the waiter who gets paid a living wage plus social benefits) – who makes that ultimate decision.

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