LGBT Presence Can Improve a Neighborhood

Hillcrest, San DiegoThere was a time when the gay community was not welcomed into neighborhoods. The common mindset of the masses was that we would be a negative addition and that we would even bring property values down. However, over the last several decades, this mindset has slowly changed. Not only is our community welcomed in most metropolitan cities, but we are now given well deserved credit for the revitalization of many neighborhoods throughout the country.

It is not uncommon that in time cities and neighborhoods throughout the country decline. This has typically been a part of real estate history. What was once the fashionable, thriving neighborhood often becomes the old and less desirable area. Locally in San Diego, there are many areas that at one time were the more desirable locations to shop and live. But over time, new neighborhoods and shopping centers were built and the old ones became run down and less than desirable.

For example, most all of the metropolitan communities like Hillcrest, North Park, University Heights, Normal Heights and South Park were once “The” places for shopping and residing. But as the neighborhoods started to age and as new neighborhoods were built, these metropolitan communities became run down. Another contributing factor to the decline of the metropolitan areas in San Diego was the development of Mission Valley, where major new shopping centers, restaurants and malls became available to shoppers, leaving the old businesses in the dust. This trend is very common for many cities throughout the country and beyond. But there have been success stories in revitalizing many of the old and rundown neighborhoods, which the gay community has largely been a part of.

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