Lesbian Grandma, Harassed by Landlord, Finds Anti-Gay Slurs on Home

Lesbian GrandmotherA grandmother in Oregon believes she is being unfairly targeted and harassed by her mobile home community’s new landlord because she is gay, an allegation that recently received some attention from the local news after vandals spray-painted the words “die dike” on the side of her home.

Melanie Powell tells KOIN6 that she’s been living as an openly gay woman in her Rainier mobile home park for 25 years without incident, and only recently felt discriminated against when a change in management gave her a new, aggressively homophobic landlord.

“I got my gay pride flag hanging out front,” she says. “I’ve kept my business inside my house. I don’t put it in people’s faces.”

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David Fulton and Todd St. John

My partner and I have been harassed by our management at our park as well. It has been everything from spreading rumors and hate as well as sabotaging our water and constantly harassing us with rules that they do not make others follow. We follow all rules and they basically stalk us and management here is a husband and wife team which really is a conflict of interest. We have tried in every way to deal with upper park management and ownership but they refuse to answer our txt and emails concerning all of our concerns. Management has even let raw sewage flow in the roads by our place and put us through unbearable orders such as this until we contacted the health department. The park management and owners apparently don’t care about us as two gay guys and they are full of hate for us. We also live in fear. The location of this park of hate is at 14714 north Florida ave in Tampa Florida and the name of the park is Siesta village mobile home park. We are in the process of making this news and this kind of hate and bullying in the United States by gay haters should not be tolerated and is and should be against the law. Please at all cost stay away from this park and post this wherever you may want to in order to get this message out. We really feel for this grandmother especially when she had lived in this mobile home park for 25 years and apparently among closeted haters of people who are gay. What a shame. Something has to be and must be done about this kind of situation because this is happening everywhere and we must talk about this.

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