Las Vegas Pride is the City’s Gayborhood

Las VegasMike Prevatt extolls the virtues of Las vegas Pride, one of the few times the city’s LGBT community really gets together to hang out:

But seriously, Las Vegas Pride—I’m referring specifically to the parade, just one of several events during the weeklong celebration—is nonetheless a worthwhile activity for a few reasons: It’s one of the only nighttime LGBT Pride parades in the country. It’s great to see the conservative tourists at the Fremont Street Experience awash in a sea of gayness. And most importantly, it’s one of the few times all the letters of the LGBT community come together and make themselves completely visible to Las Vegas—and to each other.

The gay community is remarkably integrated into the greater Valley. We don’t have a so-called gayborhood; we’re hanging out in Downtown or at Town Square, hiding out in Summerlin or the southeast. We’re all over the place and rarely in one place—except during Pride. That’s where we all, ahem, come out. And it’s endearing to see gay Las Vegas gathered together. The elderly members who lived to see such an open celebration of queerness. That one dude you always spot on Grindr but have never seen in real life. Lesbians in every direction, so many that you wonder if they were bused in from Portland by the Pride committee. And high schoolers braving their first Pride, only looking up from their phones when the next float passes by.

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Authored By Mike Prevatt – See the Full Story at Las Vegas Weekly

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