Laren Leland, Queer Portland Real Estate Agent

Laren Leland, Lesbian Portland Real Estate AgentPeriodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals:

Laren Leland feels very grateful to live in Portland, Oregon with her fiancee and two foster children. Her clientele includes folks from a wide variety of backgrounds, sexualties, and gender identities. Outside of work her interests include beekeeping, gardening, dogs, graphic design, and photography.

In addition to being a Real Estate Broker, Leland is a beekeeper, designer, Master Gardener, and foster mother.

Portland has a vibrant LGBT scene including the Q Center, Blow Pony, Inferno, PQ Monthly, Queer Leather Dinner, pups, bears, and much more!

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