Lake Tahoe is Reinventing Itself

South Lake TahoeIt’s a long-awaited sight around here, as welcome as a big snowfall on the ski slopes ringing the lake.

Hard hats are swarming over Lake Tahoe’s “hole in the ground,” a vast construction site on Highway 50 that sat dormant for nearly five years. A $15 million shopping and dining complex has been rising from the barren concrete pit since August.

Modest in size but rich in symbolism, the development could be the first step in a larger project, a $400 million hotel and convention center that were planned for the property before the recession halted construction. The hotel complex would add momentum to an even grander concept, one that’s been kicking around for years: the wholesale reinvention of Tahoe as a tourist destination.

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Authored By Dale Kasler – See the Full Story at the Sacramento Bee

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