Lake Chapala, Mexico – Perfect for Retirement

by Michael Rosenblum, Absolut Fenix Realty, Lake Chapala, mexico

Lake Chapala Real EstateRetirement home or permanent home, a great place with great weather

Tired of frigid winters? Fed up with sweltering, humid summers? Had it with the rat race and high cost of living? Think you can’t afford to retire? Think you’re too young? Well think again. Not only is early retirement possible, but in the Lake Chapala region of Mexico, it is both desirable and commonplace.

After all, the temperature year-round is virtually perfect. The sun shines daily, with temperatures averaging 75° Fahrenheit. Even in the rainy season, June to September, it rains (believe it or not) mainly at night, with the sun predictably reappearing during the day. Summers in this part of Mexico are generally milder and less humid than in most places in North America.

Lake Chapala, MexicoThe winters are almost perfect. This part of Mexico is appropriately called the “land of eternal spring.” When it comes to the weather, there are virtually no surprises. You’ll have to find some other topic of conversation.

As well, the cost of living is roughly one-half of what it is in most parts of Canada and the US. You can enjoy a gourmet candle light dinner with wine or a margarita for anywhere from $10 to $13 USD per person. A cleaning lady can cost anywhere from $8 to $12 a day (depending on the size of your home).

Lake Chapala Gay retirementGardeners, hairdressers, food, car and household repairs also cost a fraction of what they do up north.
Climate and Cost of Living are just two of the many reasons why more and more people are fulfilling their retirement dreams here at Lakeside (as this region is also known.)

Many people from the southern USA spend there summers here with many people coming from Florida, Texas and Arizona. I moved here to escape the summer heat and humidity of Florida. With non stop flights from Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Las Vegas you are no more then 2 hours away.

Spend a summer at Lake Chapala with the cool evenings and warm dry days and you will never want to leave.

Michael Rosenblum, Gay Lake Chapala RealtorMichael Rosenblum has a long history of selling real estate, previous licenses held were in Texas and Florida. Michael bought his first home in Ajijic in 2002. Real Estate license in Texas 1983. Sold and renovated Victorian homes in Galveston, Texas. Working a soft market in Texas, I learned many valuable skills. Later moved to Florida and was a licensed Florida realtor working in Jacksonville,Fl and later in Pensacola,Fl.

With my over 20 years of being a licensed realtor in Texas and Florida many skills were developed which assist me with my real estate career in Mexico. All those years in the US real estate market have instilled my code of ethics. I will work for the client or the customer and put both before me. Visit Michael’s Website Here

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