Justin Ziegler – Atlanta Gay Real Estate Agent

Justin Ziegler - Atlanta Gay Realtor

Success in the residential real estate industry first requires a bold commitment to big dreams and a willingness to help others.

That’s about all “JZ” had after 2007’s economic recession brought layoffs to Atlanta’s non-profit sector. Once a development officer for the Southeast’s largest AIDS service organization, he found himself counting coins and new contacts after early morning shifts at a busy Midtown coffee shop.

A longtime student of Atlanta’s property market, JZ had at many times considered a career in real estate. In 2011, the newly formed team gave him the opportunity he’d been looking for: work your way up and thank us when you’re at the top.

After several months of catching deals dropped by other agents and turning those coffeehouse contacts into clients, JZ became a productive full-time REALTOR®. Common Ground now boasts 20 REALTORS® supported by Ziegler as president, a full-time director of operations and marketing team. Our balance of sales history, client service and community involvement brings a winning scenario.

We’re proud of the recognitions from our broker, REALTORS® and local publications, but our greatest accomplishments are the lifelong partnerships forged with clients who’ve become friends. JZ is an Atlanta gay Realtor.

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