Julie Nelson – Austin Lesbian Realtor

Julie Nelson - Austin Lesbian Realtor

Austin Lesbian Realtor, Top
Performer and Faculty Member

We think you need “smart” real estate … smart buying strategies, smart offers, smart pricing, smart relocation and just simply an attentive and intelligent focus on the market, its intricacies, its changes and trends.

A former business analyst and in the real estate business since 1999, Julie is an Austin lesbian Realtor, top performer and faculty member in the largest real estate office in town. Julie is also a published author teaching and training new agents across the country.

Trust, experience, resources, technology … we are not your average real estate service. 70% of our business is core Austin, 30% includes the greater Hill Country area & surrounding counties. Whether single family, condo, townhome, emerging markets, investments, or 5 acres outside of town, we are well-versed and experienced.

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