John Giardina – Pasadena Gay Realtor

John Giardina - Pasadena Gay Realtor

Pasadena Gay Realtor Helping
Clients Make Informed Decisions

You tell me what you want … and I help! There is no better place to work, play and own a house than here in Pasadena. It reminds me of an Eastern town, with tree-lined streets, an artistic flavor, a great old town area and some amazing, historic homes. This SoCal town is a picture-perfect community with an Eastern US flair combined with great Southern California weather.

I’ve owned a business and have been self employed for most all my adult life. The most important thing has always been the people I work with and for. As a Pasadena gay Realtor, I’d love to help you buy or sell your home! I would love to make you a part of my world where every day, I see beautiful homes. Whatever your reason is for buying or selling a Pasadena property, I’ll be here for you.

I know how emotionally consuming buying or selling a home can be, and what an important financial investment property it can be. I also have sold homes recently in West Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Palm Springs.

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