Is Shared Housing a Hot New Trend?

shared housing

I recently read an article in The Atlantic by Iliana E. Strauss – “The Hot New Millennial Housing Trend Is a Repeat of the Middle Ages.” The article addresses the trend in “co-housing,” in which people are choosing to live in housing with communal eating and socializing space. The author writes:

“Homeownership is still viewed as a central component of living out the American dream, but the ways that many present-day Americans are pushing back on modern living arrangements closely resemble what came centuries, even millennia, before in other parts of the world. Family members, relatives, neighbors, and strangers are coming together to live in groups that work for them—a bit like medieval Europe.”

From what I see in my everyday practice of real estate, this trend is not exclusive to millennials. Baby Boomers are also following suit. On a regular basis, I meet with local buyers and sellers who are part of this phenomenon. Is this trend related to the changes in the traditional family structure, economics, and/or the current desire for socializing? The article points out that communal living was the way humans existed throughout most of history. It really was not until the early 20th century and the Industrial Revolution when households shrank to house just nuclear families.

By Sue Goodheart
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