Is it Time to Downsize?

DownsizingIn light of the current economy, many people today have either downsized, or continue the debate of whether they should downsize or not. The housing market over the past 4 years has caused many in every community, not just our LGBT community to be forced into this decision by not being able to keep income up with expenses.

Even today in a rebounding market, we live with the fact that over forty percent of the mortgages are underwater, which in many cases makes it impossible to sell our current home and downsize into another. The market is rebounding and in some parts of the country like where I live in Denver, CO, Denver gay realtors report home prices have completely recovered except in the very high end, over a million dollars.

I believe one thing this economic meltdown has given us, is an opportunity to look at how we’re living. What have we been spending our money on, what have our priorities been… and, what is important to us.

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