Is it a Good Time to Invest in Mexico?

President Felipe Calderon declared that the key to ensuring the development of sectors of the economy such as real estate is to boost economic competitiveness. To this end, Federal Government is making every effort to improve the conditions of real estate development in order for firms to grow and create jobs.

During the inauguration of the 2011 Sustainable Infrastructure Real Estate Show: A New Cycle in Real Estate Development, the President said that economic perspectives are now “fairly positive” since the country’s economic growth in 2010 was the highest in the decade and the third highest in 29 years.

“And it seems as though things are going to be fairly positive for a while, and I think that the Finance Secretariat is going to have to raise its expectations for this year’s economic growth. In short, several important things are underway, which I am very pleased about,” he said. He said that the combination of increased infrastructure with sustainability will mark a new era and a new cycle of expansion in this sector.

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