Is All of Portland, Oregon A Gayborhood?

Gay Portland Real EstateLike many major cities, Portland, Oregon is becoming more and more integrated. it’s hard to find a single gayborhood in the city. but realtor Corey Eubanks has a list:

“So, where is the gay neighborhood here in Portland?” That is a question that we get asked A LOT here in the fabulous PDX region. And, well, one thing that makes PDX so darned fabulous is the answer to that question. “There isn’t one, because we are here, we’re queer and we are everywhere!” And, it is true. There is no one neighborhood that is a center of gravity to our LGBT communities. And, even better, you can find queer elements in almost every nook and cranny of this great town.

He goes on to list some of the most gay friendly neighborhoods in the city, with links to previous blog posts about each. Enjoy!

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