Investing in Central American Real Estate

Investors and big multinationals are tuning into the largest and fastest emerging market on the planet.

Latin America has always been an exciting region to visit or live, but now it’s the place to be for new and expanding business. A Deloitte report in 2011 said the number of millionaire households in Brazil should reach 1 million by 2020. Goldman Sachs forecasts that Brazil and Mexico will be solidly placed within the world’s six largest economies by 2050. And as important is the statistics that show that by 2050 the United States, because of raising birth rates the Latino population will be so integrated the Spanish language will dueling English for predominance. The influence of Latin America is being felt everywhere from products and service to multinational expansion, making the future Latin America.

Latin America has spent the last decade transforming itself into a global economic power block growing into one of the strongest growing regions in the world. The region shows an Annual GDP growth averaging almost 4% and Brazil’s is now the sixth largest economy in the world.

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