Increase your Home Value with these Five Steps


Increase your Home Value with these Five Steps

Looking to increase the value of your home within a budget? A few simple and cheap home improvements may increase your houses value at much as a remodel that can cost thousands of dollars.

First, clean your house. A basic cleaning of your house makes for a cleaner house and a cleaner house will look more appealing to the realtor and the appraiser.

Second, get rid of clutter. Removing unnecessary items such as bad furniture, piles of paper and decaying knick knacks will make your house look more spacious. A roomy house is better to show than house that’s filled with clutter.

Third, conduct a deep clean. Now that your clutter is cleared lets follow up with a deeper clean on the rarely cleaned areas. Wipe down the blinds, baseboards, grout, and heating vents, remove any broken screens, pressure wash any siding on the outside of your house, steam clean your carpet, wash walls and windows, If you don’t have the time to undertake such an endeavor consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Fourth, homeowners don’t necessarily pick up the odors of their home because the human nose becomes accustomed to odors it is around more than others. This means if you think your house smells great a complete stranger may still pick up a concerning odor. Items such as bedding, carpets, furniture are all capale of smelling up your house. Before your realtor shows the house try to make your house smell enjoyable by bakin something delicious, lighting a candle, or pour a few drops of vanilla on an empty cookie sheet and put it in the oven.

Fifth, revamp your yard. Mow your lawn and keep it in good condition. Pick up trash and yard waste, trim the hedges, get rid of weeds, and mulch the flowerbeds. If your yard has few of these things, plant some flowers or buy small shrubs.


Written by Todd Moeller, 714-404-9540 [email protected] – Unique, open and caring specializing in helping people find good values and good homes in Orange County. Visit Todd’s website here.