How Important is Walkability?


It’s no secret that living in walking distance to work, schools or even shops is growing ever more popular, but it’s also a considerably rare commodity (which, in turn, makes it ever more desirable).

New research by Redfin now reveals just how much exactly walkability, expressed in form of a Walk Score, is worth in some of the States’ major metropolitan areas.

Walk Score, ranked on a scale from 0 to 100, is Redfin’s property rating system, measuring how pedestrian-friendly an area is.

Restaurants, schools, parks and other amenities in a 30-minute-walk radius are taken into account to determine an area’s Walk Score.

And of course, a supermarket in a five-minute-walk radius is will rate higher than the park 25 minutes down the road.

So, how much does it add to a property’s value?

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Authored By Stefanie Gerdes
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