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How Big Data and AI May Change Real Estate

real estate ai - pixabay

The real estate industry has changed drastically over the years with the development of the internet and the opportunities it brings to the sector. From online listings to outreach, there are better marketing opportunities for both buyers and sellers today.

The latest technology that’s changing the landscape of several industries is artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. While these haven’t had a significant effect on real estate yet, it’s likely the industry will see big changes in the very near future.

Here, we’re going to talk about some of the ways this tech can improve the real estate industry.

Today, real estate marketing includes using social media, email drip campaigns, blogs, SEO content, and much more. Many of these things are done manually as brands learn what their audience is interested in and how to separate readers into different segments to cater content to. Real estate marketing works most efficiently when combined with digital and print media.

Today, AI is used to help us find the perfect show to watch on Netflix, the next artist to check out on Spotify, and delicious recipes on Pinterest. But what could AI do for real estate?

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Authored By Christina Sanders
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