Historic Preservation Wins in St Petersburg

Historic Preservation Wins!
Florida is not a state where the need for Historic Preservation ordinances comes to mind. Most of my out of state clients are surprised to discover that St Petersburg has some of the finest surviving Arts and Crafts era neighborhoods. Many of them can thank the gay community for the renovations that resulted in their becoming some of the most sought after places to live. Old Northeast now is one of our most expensive neighborhoods. Historic Kenwood, often referred to as our largest gayborhood, is known for its annual Bungalow fest.
The importance of the integrity of these neighborhoods was recognized last month by our city council. The old Historic Preservation ordinance required a super majority of two thirds of all home owners in a neighborhood. Now a simple majority is all that is required for a neighborhood to be protected by our local preservation ordinance. Many who supported the ordinance change and spoke before City council were members of the LGBT community.  Not surprising since homeowners from our community were the pioneers recognized the value of the older sections of the city.


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