Good Time to Buy Central Wisconsin Real Estate?

Many people are asking if now is a good time to unload lake property or an opportune time to buy. According to Randall Ebbe, owner of Ebbe Realty, the time to hold onto property and to invest in recreational property is now. Here are his reasons along with reasons to listen to his advice.

Randy Ebbe has 44 years of personal experience living in the lakes area of northern Adams County. His family was the first to move into a year-round home on Lake Sherwood when the lake was developed, and he grew up here. As an adult, Ebbe bought a lake home for raising his own children and went into the family realty business. Ebbe specializes in recreational property, so he primarily serves the tri-lakes area, Rome and northern Adams County. Ebbe said, “I am an expert on this area, and I want to sell what I know.”

For those considering selling recreational property but have no pressing need to do so, Ebbe advises owners to hang on. He explains that the current overabundance of available properties has the effect of lowering values and slowing sales.

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