Get Your Home Sold – It’s Not Yours Anymore

houseThe decision to sell your home comes with so many emotions. The memories, the history, the money spent. You have the best home in the city and nobody has anything better. Relationships were born here and you can just visualize that time when Aunt Irene came for Thanksgiving dinner or when the dog ate all the Halloween candy. Your home is special and selling it is selling a part of you. OK, stop right there. The moment you make the decision to sell your home is the moment you should tell yourself that it is not your home anymore.

Removing the emotional side of you when listing your home is crucial. Think of it as a commodity so that clear thinking can bring a successful outcome. Stop thinking of how much sweat went into building that fence, or putting up that red velvet wallpaper in the half bath. Your home is really only worth what buyers are willing to pay for it. Maximizing the audience within the current buyer pool and achieving a successful sale is the job of your Realtor. The amount of time you spend on emotional support counseling from your Realtor could be time spent on marketing your property.

Pick a Realtor you believe in and who has shown success in listing property in your market. Now listen to that Realtor. You may think you know this game, you’ve read all the articles, and you are prepared to make all the decisions. Keep in mind that your Realtor has most likely coordinated more sales of real estate than you will in your entire life. You hired him/her to sell the property, so listen to all the suggestions.

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