Gay Real Estate: What’s a “Family Friendly” Home?

"Family friendly" HomesI grew up in the 1950s when the typical American family consisted of a mother (female) a father (male) and 2.2 smiling kids.

I am an only child, so I never had my requisite 1.2 siblings. I did, however, have a Dad who went to work every day in a Mad Men-esque suit and tie and a stay-at-home Mom who played after-school hostess to all the neighborhood latchkey kids. Aside from a few additional children, the majority of the neighboring families were just like us.

The cocktail hour was a daily ritual. Martinis were made solely of gin and a whisper of vermouth, garnished with an olive or a cocktail onion. My parents were olive people and drank them “dirty,” with a teaspoon of olive juice. And yes, they were shaken, not stirred. Today we have a plethora of martinis available – apple, pear, lemon drop, pomegranate and even chocolate, to name just a few. And today’s American family has just as many variations.

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