Gay Real Estate: Use CNN’s New LGBT Rights Calculator to Find a Place to Live

LGBT Rights CalculatorTrying to found a place to live that not only has the physical climate you want, but also the social and legal climate that’s best for you and your partner or family? CNN’s new LGBT rights calculator can help. Queerty reports:

In the run-up to next week’s big SCOTUS cases, CNN Digital has created an LGBT rights calculator that will tell you which of the 50 states (plus Washington, DC) you’d feel most at home in. Users respond to 10 questions on a variety of subjects and indicate how important the issue is on a slider that goes from “not important” all the way up to “very important.” (Of course, haters can also find which regions have the most repressive laws.)

It works like this – you’re given a set of questions which you have to answer, like:

What relationship rights do you support for same-sex couples?


Should states protect LGBT people from being fired because of their identities?

Once to answer each one, there’s a slider for how important the issue is for you personally. For example, for us, marriage equality and hospital visitation rights are personally very important. Anti bullying measures and adoption rights are very important to us in the abstract, but since we don’t have kids and don’t plan to adopt, they are less important to us personally in choosing a place for ourselves to live.

Once you answer and rank all the questions, the calculator spits out a list of all the states, ranked by your choices.

Our top five – Washington DC, Washington State, Iowa, New York, and Connecticut. California, where we live now, is tied with Oregon for number 9.

Try it – it’s fun!