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Gay Mecca San Francisco’s Rents Highest on Earth

San Francisco - pixabay

San Francisco, the California city that has long been a haven for LGBT people, may have the highest rents on Earth, at least according to the financial site Walltwyse.

Since the days of the 19th-century gold rush and, later, as a discharge spot for navy sailors, San Francisco has long served as the de facto gay capital of the U.S.; it was home to early out politician Harvey Milk, the destination of one of the first Pride parades, and the site of fierce AIDS activism.

Now, the city that has long been regarded as a refuge is awash in tech money and increasingly out-of-reach for newcomers.

The Bay Area has always been notorious for its obscene cost of living, with San Francisco serving as one of its worst offenders. But a chart released by Aaron Ansel, chief growth officer at Walltwyse, ranks San Francisco as the city with the highest rent in the world today.

Ansel ranked the average rents of 540 cities around the world using Numbeo, which is a website that uses an index to calculate statistics on the cost of living in various cities, based on how expensive it is to rent a one-bedroom apartment and a three-bedroom apartment in and outside a city’s center.

San Francisco is at the top of Ansel’s chart, with an average rent of $3,500 a month. Hamilton, Bermuda comes in second with an average rent of $3,400, with Manhattan in third at $3,050, with San Jose, Calif., in fourth with $2,500.

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Authored By Mary Grace Lewis
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