Foreign Buyers Snapping Up Real Estate, Especially in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada

Florida Real EstateCries of panic are being heard around the nation about foreign buyers of U.S. real estate, especially homes, posing ‘risks’ to America. This cry is not a new one. As economic downturns seemingly start to move into a stable mode, foreigners will be found investing in U.S. real estate, homes, and commercial properties. They are available at bargain prices, and the additional U.S. dollar devaluation against foreign currencies makes them an even better investment.

Point2, a realty company based in Saskatoon, Canada, issued a report discussing the purchase of U.S. housing by foreign nationals.

The study provided interesting information gleaned from their website’s traffic: “Florida properties emerged as the lead attraction for foreigners online, followed by Arizona and Nevada real estate listings,” according to the Point2 report. “Florida real estate listings captured 33.03 percent of the international traffic recorded to all U.S. states during the [third] quarter [2011]. Arizona attracted 15.15 percent and Nevada 8.22 percent,” stated the report. California came in fourth place.

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Authored By Robin Kemker – See the Full Story at the Epoch Times

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