Follow Your Own Home Buying List

There are lots of “Lists” proclaiming the best places to live, best neighborhoods, best Zip Codes, and more. If you are in the market to buy this spring, all of these lists can be swirling around in your head just adding confusion to your purchase. How do you evaluate those Lists? Those recommendations? How do you evaluate those lists with what your Realtor is telling you? What list is the best one to follow when purchasing a home? The answer is Your List!

Everyone has a reason, or two, that they want purchase property—to put down roots, have a place to call their own, to invest in the real estate market, add stability to their life, build wealth, and more. Honing in on what is your reason to purchase can help you immensely in deciding where you should purchase. The list an investor puts together before purchasing, for example, is likely very different than the list a homeowner would make.

So, before you meet with a Realtor, you should write down why YOU are buying. Underneath that headline, write down the points that would make the property a good fit for you because of your reason to purchase. Let’s do some examples to see what your list might look like.

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Authored By Sherri Anne Green
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