Five Ways to Sell a Home Faster

LGBT home sellers should understand that it is still a buyer’s market and that the average time it takes to sell a home is more indicative of a bear market than it is of a bullish one. With that in mind, LGBT homeowners who hope to sell in 2011 are encouraged to be proactive about marketing their properties while avoiding common pitfalls. Otherwise, homes may languish on the market without attracting even a nibble. That can be really demoralizing and frustrating for sellers who are already somewhat impatient due to the tough challenges that the real estate market has presented over these past few years.

Without a doubt, 2011 is the best time in years for LGBT homeowners to successfully market their property. Follow these tips and it is possible to not only attract qualified buyers but also enjoy a quicker sale — with potentially higher profits — while overcoming many of the aggravating hurdles faced by other sellers.

1. Start planning now: Many homeowners wait until they have hired a Realtor to start strategizing about how to market their homes, but those who plan ahead will also come out ahead in the end. For example, it might have been too soon for buyers to start shopping for houses during the frigid month of February. Times like those are better used prepping a home for a faster springtime sale and spring is just around the corner. Do minor repairs, add cosmetic paint to interior surfaces, update fixtures and appliances or just focus on getting rid of clutter and packing up items that can be stowed away to make rooms and closets look tidier and larger.

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