Five Things to Know Before Moving to Italy

Florence, ItalyWe often hear that Italians are passionate and that they speak loud. Who hasn’t heard about The Godfather or Mario Bros? But do they really represent the country? It’s true that they are crazy about fashion. In Italy, wearing white socks is practically punishable by law! It’s also true that they eat pasta (probably every single day) and that they talk with their bodies. However, “the Boot” is much more than that. Here you will experience history in every corner, you will find out that Italians never ever buy sauce at the supermarket, and of course, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Let’s forget about the stereotypes and prepare yourself to live La Bella Italia!

1. Italians can’t live without pasta.

Along with any other Mediterranean country, Italy is famous for its food. It’s true; Italians love their pasta, which makes up a huge percentage of their diet. Even though this meal is famous worldwide, when you live in Italy, you will realise that the way Italians prepare pasta has nothing to do with the method used by the rest of the world. For instance, “cooking pasta” means cooking the pasta and the sauce- Italians never ever buy sauces at the shop! Another important point is that each kind of pasta has a specific cooking time and they all should be al dente, which means that the pasta has been cooked so as to be firm but not hard. Top tip: Do not ever have pasta with ketchup! Instead, have a go and make your own tomato sauce. You only need olive oil, pepper, fresh basil and fresh tomatoes. Buon appetito!

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