Finding the “Perfect” Home

The Perfect HomeEverybody wants the “perfect” house. But what is the perfect house? Well, for everyone it is different. In fact, buyers’ home criteria range from A to Z. What one person loves in a home, may very much be the opposite for another.

Some may want a cute house, in a nice quiet neighborhood with a white picket fence, and others may want a modern downtown condo with a view. As different as people can be with their property likes and dislikes, usually there are some commonalities with residential property that appeal to the general public.

Today in the U.S., the typical buyer has become accustomed to a fairly high standard of living. This, of course, includes standards in housing. It is amazing how these standards have changed dramatically through the decades. Looking back at when homes were being built at the turn of the last century, there were not the luxuries that we know today.

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