Featured Lesbian Real Estate Agent: Norma Cappello, Pismo Beach

Norma Cappello, Lesbian Pismo Beach RealtorPeriodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals.

Looking for that special someone to guide you thru the selling or purchase of your home or investment? Need that special person that listens to what you want? Look no further. I have been licensed in Real Estate since 1991. My prior careers as a High School Principal and a Licensed Therapist have given me the skills of being very organized, helping people make decisions, and being a great listener. This allows me to help you identify your needs and get you the best possible result in your real estate transactions.

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Tom Graham

Dear Miss Cappello,
You may or may not remember me, I was a charter student at Stoney Point in Chatsworth, not one of the better students I might add. I apologize for what I did and hope you can forgive my childish foolishness. I thank you for all you have done for me and others like me. You had a posative impact on my life and are one of the people who I will always remember. Today I have a college degree and am aprocahing retirement from a productive career in engineering and management. It wasn’t always this way. I had a lot of hurdles along the way, some self made some not. I just hope you know that even when you had to boot someone out for being drunk your efforts were not in vain. I am also thankful for Mr Sudan and West Granada High. HE gave me more than 1 chance and I earned a diploma in 1975. I have also raised 2 wonderful and sucessful children, one an engineer with a bachelors and a masters from Texas A&M and the other a production manager for Coca Cola and have 2 beautiful granddaughters. I was stubborn and didn’t turn my life around until I was in my 30’s but the whole time a few people like yourself remained on my mind. Secretly I respected you and today I would tell the world that you are one of the best. Thanks again, I hope this gives you some reward for the tireless job you do.
Tom graham
2106 Oleander Way
McKinney TX 75071

Alicia Winski

Dear Norma, I just read Tom’s lovely letter to you. There are so many of us living dangerously, and foolishly, some by choice, some not by choice. And you did your best to save those of us you could. You saved me. And you taught me that I’m worth a lot more than I was made to feel at home. That was your doing. You couldn’t save Colin, but thank you for saving me.

Alicia Winski

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