Featured Gay Friendly Realtor: Greg Rowland, Victoria, British Columbia

Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals.

Greg Rowland, Gay Victoria Real Estate AgentGreg is an Associate Real estate Broker with Newport Realty in Victoria. He’s worked in the Victoria real estate market on Southern Vancouver Island for morfe than ten years.

Greg has been a long-time visitor to Vancouver Island, and finally decided to move his Real Estate practice from Vancouver to Pender Island in the Southern Gulf Islands in 1996. Greg started his Gulf Islands real estate career commuting between his Pender Island home to his Mayne Island office by ferry.

Greg has had a chance to learn about the Gulf Islands first-hand, and he is a great resource for folks relocating to the area. Greg became the first President of the revived Pender Island Chamber of Commerce.

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