Factors that Make a Home Unsellable

indexIn a perfect world your house would sell after being listed for only a day. However, in the real world there several factors that make a home unsellable. If your house has been listed for a few weeks and you haven’t gotten any hits in this rapid and fast paced market, it may be your house. Your home may not be selling for a variety of reasons, some of which can be controlled and others that cannot.


Thankfully, the few things you can control are also the most important, They are price and condition. By price, I mean you should price your home correctly from the beginning. Consult a knowledgeable real estate agent about pricing your home. Like many have done before, they price their home too high, cannot sell it, then have to lower the price(usually lower than their correct initial price in the beginning). Lets dive into what makes a price accurate. Your price should be based on the current local market conditions (not what you need to pay off on your mortgage, nor your best guesstimate; even though its tempting)


The condition of your home should match your buyers’ expectations. While buyer expectations are usually high it isn’t difficult to still impress them by doing a few things around the house. To increase your curb appeal, plant flowers, trim the grass, pull the weeds, paint the front door. Inside your home you want the buyer to feel as if they can live there. Keep the inside of your home clean, decluttered, and depersonalized.Make sure the beds are always made, dishes are put away, and the kitchen counters are cleared of clutter.


When choosing a real estate agent to list you home, be sure to ask them about their marketing plan for your home. In this digital age, buyers are more than likely to first look at your home online before going to an open house. That is why it is vital for you to have top shelf high definition photo and video of your home.


Sometimes the market conditions or a specific but hard to fix flaw in your home make it difficult to sell your home as quickly as you anticipated. Talk with your real estate agent to discuss different selling techniques for emphasizing the positive attributes of your home while deemphasizing the negative ones.

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