Enough With the Rainbows Already

Castro Rainbow SidewalksCastro Street in San Francisco is getting a $8.3 million dollar makeover in the hopes of making the neighborhood more inviting and more pedestrian friendly. And more gay. But is that really necessary? The Castro is already about the gayest place on earth. It’s really, really gay.

For example, within three square blocks you have a dozen gay bars, six sex toy/porn stores and the world’s largest rainbow flag flying high above Harvey Milk Plaza. There’s also the Human Rights Campaign store located in the space that was Harvey’s camera store replete with murals of our pioneer, and there’s both an elementary school and a restaurant named after Harvey. Every street light has a rainbow flag on it.

And once June rolls around, there are so many pride flags adorning local businesses that it looks like Dorothy herself painted the Castro. As a long-time Castro resident, I actually love all the rainbow representation. At its peak during gay pride month (or June, as straight people call it), it even makes me smile. However, even a gay man living in the gayest place on earth has his limits.

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Authored By Lane Curran – See the Full Story at Queerty

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